Sunday, 22 June 2014

Kemas Bilik D214 KK2

Bye-bye KK2 sesi 2013/2014. Kita jumpa sesi 2014/2013. Biarlah kat sini saya bermula dan disini saya menamatkannya. Banyak kenangan tahun ni dapat masuk sukmum, teater, taekwondo, tarian india, uruskan pasukan feseni, buat banner, buat scoreboard, jamming semuanya! Gonna miss kolej! Takpa next sem (bulan 9) kita masuk banyak lagi aktiviti ye! Bye2 Secholian! 

Ni ha ngah kemas barang..

Nampak tak sepahnya

Bye D214

p/s: Nuff, sem depan saya mohon dapat bilik tingkat dua. No! Wajib


Thursday, 19 June 2014

Done with me exam!

Thank God to the last paper. I answered for an hour then leave. I hope I will get a good result at least for my last paper. My JFEA 2323 subject (Management Theories in Theater). I love this subject!

Hi. I'm free

p/s: Today; Sofia The Musical will be held in Experimental Theatre University of Malaya. Come on!


I Believe I Can Fly - Yolanda Adams

Everyone knows that I'm hard to be pleased in terms of music. This is because I think there is always a room for an improvement. Just some great vocal, not great; impeccable vocal just enough. Lately I like to listen to Brian McKnight, R.Kelly (old one), thus I listened to I Believe I Can Fly, I know that everyone know this song, the sweet-silky voice of R.Kelly with his connected falsetto really give us something to this classic. Then I tried to searched for several covers with only typical one guitar person *duh, girl singing and Malaysian Singer like Hafiz; which I found out that his version is 90% similar to R.Kelly's. Quite karaoke-much but Hafiz really know his voice well and he did quite a good job. The came to this majestic gospel-singer, the underdog of music industry that have a voice that can make people to believe and feel what she is singing. The best cover version of I Believe I Can Fly is given to YOLANDA ADAMS. She got a strong belting voice and really conveyed her emotions in this cover, not only with her voice but her performance + gestures + style + raspiness! 5 Stars! You will agree with me. Not to mention the gospel really lifts this song to the heaven. Bravo!

Listen to this! You won't regret!

p/s: 12 days for me to fly to Korea