Thursday, 19 June 2014

I Believe I Can Fly - Yolanda Adams

Everyone knows that I'm hard to be pleased in terms of music. This is because I think there is always a room for an improvement. Just some great vocal, not great; impeccable vocal just enough. Lately I like to listen to Brian McKnight, R.Kelly (old one), thus I listened to I Believe I Can Fly, I know that everyone know this song, the sweet-silky voice of R.Kelly with his connected falsetto really give us something to this classic. Then I tried to searched for several covers with only typical one guitar person *duh, girl singing and Malaysian Singer like Hafiz; which I found out that his version is 90% similar to R.Kelly's. Quite karaoke-much but Hafiz really know his voice well and he did quite a good job. The came to this majestic gospel-singer, the underdog of music industry that have a voice that can make people to believe and feel what she is singing. The best cover version of I Believe I Can Fly is given to YOLANDA ADAMS. She got a strong belting voice and really conveyed her emotions in this cover, not only with her voice but her performance + gestures + style + raspiness! 5 Stars! You will agree with me. Not to mention the gospel really lifts this song to the heaven. Bravo!

Listen to this! You won't regret!

p/s: 12 days for me to fly to Korea


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