Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Talented Singers of Akademi Fantasia

Tak dinafikan ramai pelajar stay lama sebab populariti, dorang nyanyi biasa-biasa jer. Tapi bagi pendapat aku sepanjang dah 10 Musim AF ni ada memang yang talented, yang boleh nyanyi, yang boleh perform. So aku belek -belek sejarah AF, all the students, jumpa sudah (biasalah memalam bosan). Aku nak cakap pasal kekuatan only, the weakness, well everybody got their own weaknesses right? Shhhuuu...

Rosma AF 1 - She was 18 years old when entered this competition.
Kekuatan: Gemersik suara senang untuk lagu asli dan balada Melayu.

Farah AF 2 - Masuk final tapi takde rezeki.
Kekuatan: Belting nada tinggi penuh tenaga and resonance.

Kaer AF 2 - Lagu femes nyanyi kat karok.
Kekuatan: Suara jenis RnB, blues and nice tones, knows how to do runs.

Idayu AF 3 - Mariah Carey Malaysia?
Kekuatan: Boleh menyanyi kan lagu Inggeris dengan baik dan dia faham dengan suaranya.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Mariah Carey - Infinity (Single Review)

I was so excited to listen to this so-called comeback song for Mariah Carey. Mariah announced that Infinity is her next single to release part of her album rereleased #1's. This also to promote her Vegas Residency (her live show celebrating all her 18 No 1 songs).

This song is a mid tempo song with a strong message. To all the haters and I believe this song is for Nick too. Starting with the Mariah's signature vocal layered and whispered voice, it like 2009's Memoirs of Imperfect Angel's styling but with fresher sound. The lyric at the intro also is very light not too complicated to fathom. Mariah's voice also is very clear and she seems not to stressed about it.

In the chorus part, it is very uplifting beat. Mariah belt is very clear without not too much of background layer or her backup singer (clap clap). First time I listened to this chorus I feel like a kingdom being raid by chinese army (it is very random right?). Can you imagine with me, imagine like Mulan's fighting scene with this chorus! Haha I love it! I still imagining how will she sing it live? I believe she is now in a good shape and she is ready for it!

The second verse also is quite interesting with the french sentence. *Je ne comprends pa* (I don't understand) haha comprende? (spanish btw). The bridge part is very easy to follow not like Art of Letting Go which I need to listen around 10 times to get the verse). I think she target this this song to be radio friendly as it can be. I hope US radio will play this over and over to promote her too. Lastly I was waiting for her signature whistle.. wait.. wait.. wait... Yup! Head voice only.. But it good crystal clear (around C6-D6). I bet if she do it live people will really impressed! The belting toward the end very suprisingly better than her previous Me I Am Mariah's. Not too nasal!Yup no nasality from Celine  I mean Mariah. If she do it live, hands down Mimi!

Overall, this song is radio friendly and people will immediately know this is Mariah's. She no need introduction no more! Go go girl! Good luck for your Vegas show!


Official Lyric Video