Thursday, 22 May 2014

My Review: Me. I Am Mariah.. The Elusive Chanteuse (Full Album Review)

My most anticipated album of 2014. Me I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse. I've been waiting for this album like forever. First they decided to release the album back in 2013 (23/7/2013 *if I'm not mistaken; same releasing date with Selena Gomez best-selling album Star Dance). But anyway, she released single by single starting with #Beautiful - The Art of Letting Go -You're Mine. But this is my review based on my streaming session of Mariah's latest album! Actually I'm going to review it from the first time I streamed it couple days ago, but I let it grow a bit on me before I review. I'm going to review track-by-track.

27th May 2014

Cry. (the "." is a must)
This is the appropriate song as the opening act of the album because this is the voice that we been waiting to hear in ages. Many people said that she have gotten too ghetto or to hip-hop. Thus, she served us with her melismatic and raw vocal with this track. She showcased us why she still in this business for so long and the whistle layer just enhancing the mood of the song. (4/5)

Supernatural (ft. her freaking kids!)
Well, I'm kinda excited about this track, when MC informed that she will be singing with her kids. Starts with the triple adorable Monroe's voice + her laugh, "I love you mummy"; just gave us the feeling that this track is dedicated for her kids. First, I thought this track quite similar to The Impossible from her previous album, but it kinda different. The relaxing beat, sweet melody plus there is soo much LOVE in this song. "Roe Roe Pika" (that was my first impression; cute!) (4.5/5)

I love the placebo-music effect at the beginning of the song. The vocals are layered *very Mariah-ish*. Not very my favourite song. But I have to give credit to MC for the powerful-piercing whistle note towards the end. This song shows that RnB is not dead when Mariah still alive. (3.5/5)

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The Iron Lady (2011)

I really adore by Meryl's brilliant acting skills. Yesterday I watched Julie & Julia (which she can act funny and naive * not to mention mimic Julia Child very well). Today I watched one of the critically-acclaimed movie; The Iron Lady. Iron Lady is about a history of The only Female Prime Minister of Britain; The incomparable MARGARET THATCHER. This story is quite heavy compared to J&J, but I can somehow enjoyed it *maybe because of the Meryl haha. Anyway, I know a lot of facts about Britain history just by watching the movie itself. Then, I immediately wiki for all the events that occurs and read about Margaret *just basic knowledge. I hope that I can find her biography! RIP MARGARET (2013)

About Meryl, she won BEST ACTRESS in Academy Award for this super-hard role. Imagine you act as one of the most influencial person on earth and that person is still alive *while filming! Meryl is so good the way she change her accent! The way she walks like a really old woman, the gestures is everything! I am really amazed by her performance in this movie! I don't know if other actress can pull this off like she did. This movie is worth seeing and you can learn a lot about Britain in 1 hour. Still her performance is 5 Stars. Love her. I gave 4.3/5.

Meryl Streep

This is the real Iron Lady - MARGARET THATCHER

I hope it is not too late to congratulate you! :P

p/s: Maybe tomorrow I'll watched The Devils Wears Prada


Monday, 19 May 2014

Julie & Julia

Well, semalam aku tak tidur langsung sebab nak test and takut tak bangun pagi (henfon rosak). So aku tengok cerita The Nanny, lawak doh. Dulu memanaku hari-hari tengok kat tv. Ada satu line: "When I get to the cantor, you just say that, miss are you Julia Robert?"; then budak tu pergi cakap "Miss are you Julia Child?". Everybody was laughing so hard and I was wondering who the hell is Julia Child? So, I google for JC and I found out that she was a chef (RIP; 2004). She one of the master of cooking especially in French Cuisine. And like always read her biography and found out (nowadays you can always rely on google) that my fav actress *last post portrayed her in Julie & Julia movie in 2009! 

So malam tu aku terus tengok online and waht I can say that Meryl did a terrific job! Even some people put a comparison video Julia Child and Meryl, almost the same, the corkiness all. Cool movie and I promised that I want to watch all Meryl's movies right, so this movie is worth seeing! I gave 3.8/5. Not that complicated, simple yet entertaining. The life of Julia Child. And I wont hesitate to buy Mastering the Art of French Cooking. The way she described it very details. Sila lah tengok kawan-kawan sekalian.


Comforting food

Isn't she lovely..

p/s: Cerita ni berdasarkan true story on julie julia blog which I'm going to read it now. Interesting. Go read and keep cooking. Bon Apettite!


Favourite Actress

Hari tu aku habiskan baucer buku aku, RM 100 beli 4 buku; Cintaku Tertinggal di Korea (adik nak), The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Devil Wears Prada, Revenge Wears Prada. Tak sampai satu hari aku dah habiskan buku The Perks tu, buku tu memang best sebab dia is like surat (and quite nipis 230+). And now I'm reading Devil Wears Prada (DWP). I already watched the movie but in the book itself Miranda Priestly is 10X meaner than the movie. And lagi 150+ pages nak habis, so aku tgk scene2 DWP and I'm totally hooked with MERYL STREEP she portrayed Miranda really well, she have been nominated for Oscar for that particular role! 

And macam biasa, aku memang suka baca pasal biografi orang (terutama artis, lol *bak kata shah; meluat aku orang cakap lol, LOL). Sebenarnya dulu ade jugak cerita aku tgk dia berlakon tapi tak amik port sangat la dengan dia. Then she have been nominated for total 18 NOMINATIONS FOR ACADEMY AWARD! Like wow, dia menang 3 (1 suppporting, 2 lead). Like wow. This is like major award yang betul-betul tunjuk kredibiliti kita sebagai seorang pelakon di iktiraf worldwide ya! Kalau anugerah skrin tu lain cerita; namo komen lelebih. Menang  tiga tu dah kira pelakon pling bnyk menang Oscar tau *Oscar nama patung tu. Meryl digelar 'chameleon' sebab dia dapat adapt dengan banyak watak. Dia boleh belajar cakap dialek berbeza. Impressive, she is 64 now and undoubtly is one of my favourite actress. 

Waktu muda
Selalu nya kalau watak-watak berat akan bagi dia, cth watak daripada org-org besar, Perdana Menteri UK, dia pernah pegang watak tu dlm Iron Lady and menang pelakon wanita terbaik ye? Can you pull this off?

Now. Who can look like that at 64?!

p/s: And aku dah google pasal semua movie yang dah dia berlakon (especially yang dapat pencalonan dalam Oscar) and I will try to watch all of it!


Dream Kitchen

Well, everyone have their dreams. Nak rumah besar etc. Nak rumah ada semempul (swimming pool). But for me I want a complete kitchen! Besar and convenient, supaya senang nak masak! I wish I have my dream kitchen soon!

Sangat sejuk mata memandang and I imagining I'm cooking stew

Fresh. I'm imagining that I'm making a cocktail for brunch

Smelling "thyme" from distance

p/s: I really hope that I will get it someday


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Si Ledang Princess

Best nya kelas teater tadi! Dr. tu sgt caring and baik. Tak banyak kerenah, kat sekolah pon tak dilayan camni. Suka la sama lu Dr.! Ni la satu-satu subjek sem ni yang aku tak pernah seteres langsung! Sangat best, simple and lots of info! Minggu lepas dh la aku ponteng, rupa2 nya dia MC gak, terbaik! Assignment dia semua best and I look forward to do it! Balik-balik terus aku bukak artikel semua. Kan bagus kalau subjek engineering aku ada passion camni *rasa nak tuka kos kaedahnya! 

Untuk minggu depan group aku kena buat pasal satu teater moden (yang dipentaskan sekitar tahun 2000 dan keatas). Aku terus pilih Puteri Gunung Ledang, First sebab banyak sumber yang boleh carik; internet, blog sbg. Second sebab teater tu daebak! (I watched it already aaa) Carik latarbelakang, plot, produksi, kos, publisiti, waaa! Can't wait to present!

Teringat dulu ada poster+signature dorang!

p/s: Pastikan presentation kita nanti ada unsur kejutan dan emosi + slide yang memikat hati Dr yang baik gila tu!

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Inje University, Korea

Insyaallah dalam masa dua bulan lagi aku akan bertolak ke Inje, Korea untuk praktikal selama 10 minggu (2 bulan ++). Passport siap, visa ngan standby skang just google-google dulu environment nya. Excited jugak, tapi phone dah la rosak, cemana nk tangkap gambar kat sana nanti? Haha. Jom la google-google jap gambar Inje University. 

Okay, first-first aku bukak web dia terus pergi department muzik. Haha. Well you know me! Saje tengok-tengok jadual, kredit hour depa. Haha the beralih ke kelab yang ada, martial art and dance (my two choices). Then beralih ke infrastructur, apa ada kat sana, aku tgk pool, squash and gym. Ceh.. and Lastly baru lah tgk Faculty of Biomedical Engineering. Hahaha. 

Logo Inje University

Pelan University, comel gila. Haha

Haiyoo Nature nya! Hahaha

Cam lawa je Library dia.

Gorgeousnya hostel. Harap jgn dalam ni je cantik! Haha

Haha siap ada instruction masuk bilik lagi!

p/s: Tu je, harap semua berjalan ngan lancar. Haa aku ni dok sibok pikir sana, study sem ni jgn cam hampeh sudah. :(


Thursday, 1 May 2014


Mariah Carey nak keluar kan album baru. Tak sabar nya rasa. Dah lama aku tunggu sejak 2009 lagi. Akhirnya dia keluar with the cover album sekali  tajuk album baru dia ME. 1 AM MARIAH. . . THE ELUSIVE CHANTEUSE. The Elusive Chanteuse maksudnya penyanyi yang sukar difahami. Memang pun, MC antara artis yang selalu dikena kritik berbanding artis lain dalam industry muzik dari suara hingga la ke penampilan. 18 tracks lagu dalam ni. Hope album ni boleh gain DIAMOND and menang banyak Grammys lagi. MC dapat inspirasi nama album ni berdasarkan satu potrait yang dia lukis masa dia 3 1/2 tahun. 

Deluxe Album Version
Album Version

1. Cry.
2. Faded
3. Dedicated (feat. Nas)
4. #Beautiful (feat. Miguel)
5. Thirsty
6. Make It Look Good
7. You’re Mine (Eternal)
8. You Don’t Know What To Do (feat. Wale)
9. Supernatural (With Special Guest Stars “Dembabies” a.k.a. Ms. Monroe & Mr. Moroccan Scott Cannon a.k.a. Roc ‘N Roe)
10. Meteorite
11. Camouflage
12. Money ($ * / …) (feat. Fabolous)
13. One More Try
14. Heavenly (No Ways Tired/Can’t Give Up Now)
15. It’s a Wrap (feat. Mary J. Blige) [Deluxe edition]
16. Betcha Gon’ Know (feat. R. Kelly) [Deluxe edition]
17. The Art of Letting Go [Deluxe edition]
18. Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse

Watch this!

p/s: Maybe dia buat tour kat Malaysia!