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My Review: Me. I Am Mariah.. The Elusive Chanteuse (Full Album Review)

My most anticipated album of 2014. Me I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse. I've been waiting for this album like forever. First they decided to release the album back in 2013 (23/7/2013 *if I'm not mistaken; same releasing date with Selena Gomez best-selling album Star Dance). But anyway, she released single by single starting with #Beautiful - The Art of Letting Go -You're Mine. But this is my review based on my streaming session of Mariah's latest album! Actually I'm going to review it from the first time I streamed it couple days ago, but I let it grow a bit on me before I review. I'm going to review track-by-track.

27th May 2014

Cry. (the "." is a must)
This is the appropriate song as the opening act of the album because this is the voice that we been waiting to hear in ages. Many people said that she have gotten too ghetto or to hip-hop. Thus, she served us with her melismatic and raw vocal with this track. She showcased us why she still in this business for so long and the whistle layer just enhancing the mood of the song. (4/5)

Supernatural (ft. her freaking kids!)
Well, I'm kinda excited about this track, when MC informed that she will be singing with her kids. Starts with the triple adorable Monroe's voice + her laugh, "I love you mummy"; just gave us the feeling that this track is dedicated for her kids. First, I thought this track quite similar to The Impossible from her previous album, but it kinda different. The relaxing beat, sweet melody plus there is soo much LOVE in this song. "Roe Roe Pika" (that was my first impression; cute!) (4.5/5)

I love the placebo-music effect at the beginning of the song. The vocals are layered *very Mariah-ish*. Not very my favourite song. But I have to give credit to MC for the powerful-piercing whistle note towards the end. This song shows that RnB is not dead when Mariah still alive. (3.5/5)

One More Try  (George Micheal Cover)
Once I got the news that MC will be covering this song, I started to wiki about it. It is one of Micheal #1 song. This is great challenge to cover #1 because people know and comparison will be tough. I started to download the song (original version) and hear it over and over again so that I can get familiar and make a true comparison. Remember when Mariah covered Brenda K. Starr song? I Still Believe, people said that they can't touch the original. I respect they opinion but they don't even credit Mariah's way of covering the song. I think she is great. For this song, once again she did it! The organ at the beginning + Mariah low notes are incomparable. She keep it simple (not to over sing or too improvising) that is great because people will still remember the classics. The whistle at the end *thumbs up* (4.4/5)

Heavenly (No Ways Tired/Can’t Give Up Now)
It won't be a complete album if there is no little bit of gospel sound in Mariah's album. There's Got To Be A Way, Make It Happen, Fly Like A Bird etc. This track resembled 2009 Mariah co-star in Cece Winan "I Understand" but this is Mariah moment only! The emotion+ vocal+gospel (with current vibes) are everything! This is an inspirational song! I love the raspiness in Mariah voice in this song "it shows the hardship that she is struggling". She seems so effortlessly hit the whistle like damn brilliant! (4.5/5)

If Mariah is gonna release a single, she should consider this track. This track is very radio-friendly. The beat is like bringing us to other state. I quite enjoying and I can imagine this playing in the clubs. Meteorite-ite-ite.. She brings us something new in her music with this track. (4/5)

This track is piano based + harmonization. This is really meaningful track if we really understand the lyrics. She layered with many whistle register (the airy and bright kind of whistle). The melody makes us like floating in a dream + a good sentimental song. Imagine you listen to this track after you broke up. Unbearable. (3.8/5)

#Beautiful (ft. Miguel)
This is lead single from this album. Good 60's motown beat and Miguel's voice is really suitable with this kind of song. This song is very relaxing and addictive with simple lyrics. Remember this song peak at #15 at Hot 100/ Good start! This track make us want to dance all night and the arrangement is very straightforward . (4.5/5)

Dedicated (ft. Nas)
Mariah duet with Nas. The tempo is kind of old-school. But I think that this track is quite over-produce *too crowded with layers of vocals + instruments. Good harmonization with both of the singers. They don't seems like to overshadow one another. Quite boring actually. (3.2/5)

The sound of champagne in the beginning is very cliche. Have you heard Lady Gaga's Donatella, same champagne I think. The beat of this track reminds me of early 2000's when the top era for hip-hop. I don't know why I picturing Kelly Rowland in this track. I actually like it when I first listened to it! At the end like wow! Mariah hit G5. WHY ARE YOU THIRSTY! This track is really brings back the glory of hip hop, I tried to listen to this song while I'm wearing big shirt and I feel like a gangsta! LOL. (4.4/5)

You Don't Know What To Do (ft. Wale)
When Mariah start to sing at the beginning, the world stop! I thought it was my friends talking at the back but it actually Wale's voice. I think Mariah put that chitchat in the beginning to show that how supreme she is. Then, Wale started to rap *it is soo good. This track adapt disco style. Nowadays disco is becoming a trend, Treasure and Get Lucky. Seriously this track is a dope! She should release this as a single. The lyric is very easy to sing-along. Towards the end I really like it, it seems like Honey Classic Remix. So powerful + energetic! I love this track! (4.8/5)

Make It Look Good
I feel like in Paris! This track is just ordinary for me. I have a mixed feeling, at some point I like it, but at one moment I feel it quite boring. She should play with more attitude to this song actually, make it feel  like more broadway-ish. (3/5)

The Art of Letting Go
I think this is the true title of this album but they decided to change when something is leak. The track really have a deep meaning in her. The writing process is so good with lots of bombastic words. She is purely genius by creating this lyrics. The climax of this song is very expressive and we can feel that letting go is ain't easy, it just exceedingly hurtful *nice word! (4.2/5)

Money ($*/...) (ft. Fabolous)
I like the chorus! It make me feel so sexy! This is a good runaway song for fashion show. The other part of the song is simple and ordinary. The chorus lift up this song totally! (3.5/5)

You're Mine (Eternal)
Remember when Mariah release this single at the same time as Lea Michele's top ten single with same title! This song got many positive review + many negative review! Mariah just play along with the melody, no over-the-top melisma. The D6 note at the end is surprisingly good! When I saw the live version, I feel like this song is too basic. She should put more showmanship in live version of this song. Actually she can sing this by acoustic, this will boost up the song and people will not questioning her declining of her voice. (3.7/5)

Overall (4/5)
I think this album is a worth album to wait! If this album deserve a Grammy compared to the rubbish + generic music nowadays. Mariah really put a lot of herself in this album. The vocal range in this album is 5th octave from (G#2 - G#7). But I haven't listen to the remix with Mary J. Blige yet which I assume that track will be epic! Brilliant album by the one and only Mariah Carey.

Yes, you did it! Congratz!

Mariah should get her glitter bomb too!

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