Monday, 19 May 2014

Julie & Julia

Well, semalam aku tak tidur langsung sebab nak test and takut tak bangun pagi (henfon rosak). So aku tengok cerita The Nanny, lawak doh. Dulu memanaku hari-hari tengok kat tv. Ada satu line: "When I get to the cantor, you just say that, miss are you Julia Robert?"; then budak tu pergi cakap "Miss are you Julia Child?". Everybody was laughing so hard and I was wondering who the hell is Julia Child? So, I google for JC and I found out that she was a chef (RIP; 2004). She one of the master of cooking especially in French Cuisine. And like always read her biography and found out (nowadays you can always rely on google) that my fav actress *last post portrayed her in Julie & Julia movie in 2009! 

So malam tu aku terus tengok online and waht I can say that Meryl did a terrific job! Even some people put a comparison video Julia Child and Meryl, almost the same, the corkiness all. Cool movie and I promised that I want to watch all Meryl's movies right, so this movie is worth seeing! I gave 3.8/5. Not that complicated, simple yet entertaining. The life of Julia Child. And I wont hesitate to buy Mastering the Art of French Cooking. The way she described it very details. Sila lah tengok kawan-kawan sekalian.


Comforting food

Isn't she lovely..

p/s: Cerita ni berdasarkan true story on julie julia blog which I'm going to read it now. Interesting. Go read and keep cooking. Bon Apettite!


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