Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The Iron Lady (2011)

I really adore by Meryl's brilliant acting skills. Yesterday I watched Julie & Julia (which she can act funny and naive * not to mention mimic Julia Child very well). Today I watched one of the critically-acclaimed movie; The Iron Lady. Iron Lady is about a history of The only Female Prime Minister of Britain; The incomparable MARGARET THATCHER. This story is quite heavy compared to J&J, but I can somehow enjoyed it *maybe because of the Meryl haha. Anyway, I know a lot of facts about Britain history just by watching the movie itself. Then, I immediately wiki for all the events that occurs and read about Margaret *just basic knowledge. I hope that I can find her biography! RIP MARGARET (2013)

About Meryl, she won BEST ACTRESS in Academy Award for this super-hard role. Imagine you act as one of the most influencial person on earth and that person is still alive *while filming! Meryl is so good the way she change her accent! The way she walks like a really old woman, the gestures is everything! I am really amazed by her performance in this movie! I don't know if other actress can pull this off like she did. This movie is worth seeing and you can learn a lot about Britain in 1 hour. Still her performance is 5 Stars. Love her. I gave 4.3/5.

Meryl Streep

This is the real Iron Lady - MARGARET THATCHER

I hope it is not too late to congratulate you! :P

p/s: Maybe tomorrow I'll watched The Devils Wears Prada


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